Cosmic Copulation Proclamation

by LOUD BOI and his Buncha Dirty Minded Ol' Sunza Bitches

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Music from the short film entitled "Cosmic Copulation Proclamation" ( Created by LOUD BOI and his Buncha Dirty Minded Ol' Sunza Bitches. Recorded high above Nashville at SOC Droor Studios. Reaming you with distorted glory.


released May 21, 2019


all rights reserved



LOUD BOI and his Buncha Dirty Minded Ol' Sunza Bitches Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Intro - Message 1
Greetings! My name is LOUD BOI. If you are listening to this, than you need to know two very important things. First - you have successfully received spontaneous enlightenment via the powerful chemicals at work in my meat bag. Second - now that this message is in your hands, you are now on your way to being reborn. We, as a species, have entered a new era. A fury of ideas, birthed from somewhere deep within the brainstorm of the Superfreak, has finally cleared the new path. Down this path is a hushless hallucinatory haze of harum-scarum hong-dongery. But in the face of uncertainty, we bob along. From a piercing sonic insemination, mother earth is now pregnant for the fourth fucking time. Soon, she will find her way to the center of the universe. There, she will squat and squeeze out a new world.
With the intention of ejaculating a new zeitgeist of funked up fervor into the mind womb of the people, this is the Cosmic Copulation Proclamation.
Track Name: Magic Meat
For my sensual - weekend only foolin - jelly baby just

Medicate - cause it's the only - annihilation - thought parade

Masquerade - seeking good love foolin - electric boomerang

Battering ram - I wish I could allow the fucked up bull shit inside my head to just die

Now if you feel a buzzing in your arms
That's just the magic meat
I knew you would come around
Once you found me in the magazine
Can you catch the groovy magic stink
Track Name: Message 2
Be not afraid of the new path. Fear will do you no good. The transitional space between our current world and the new world is a "jump in head first" kinda scene ya dig? Get your grin on and slap some ass!
Track Name: Cosmic Copulation - Message 3
It's hip stimulation
Cosmic copulation

Reject the virus of feeling like you have to sell yourself all the time. Cash is muddy, so keep crystal clear exactly who and what you love. Try not to let any cybernetic CLUSTERFUCK divorce you from your flawed and fleshy friends. Don't let no macho ghost haunt you. Don't let no macho ghost intimidate you out genuine experience. DON'T LET NO MACHO GHOST HAUNT YOU!
Track Name: Hangin Bang
Don't just go fill it up wild man - cauterize
You make a long committed plan - mystify
Love me
Track Name: Message 4
Go! And goof on em! With whatever tactical romping might be necessary, try to unwind the knotted up assholes of the city's stone faced coterie. I wanna see an unreasonable amount of ya'll crawling under tables and tying some shoelaces together. Remember, be sly or die!

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